Israeli Music and Performing Arts Shows 

in the San Francisco Bay Area.                              

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Company and Contact

Brosh Productions LLC is producing and promoting Israeli / Jewish Performing Arts and Music Events in San Francisco Bay area, and is working with other parties in LA and NY areas.

We're Not Just for Profit

Brosh Productions LLC believes and operate as a 
Not-Just-For-Profit business. Not-Just-For-Profit companies realize that while it's necessary to have a profitable business to sustain ones operations , it's essential to do right by people and give back to the community. We believe in bringing real value to the community and people we interact with by bringning people together around music and culture for better community life. We are passionate about what we do and look to extend this passion throughout the community. Being fair, acting with full integrity is of our highest value. We pursue a clear goal we believe in with clear set of values and don't operate 'just for profit'.

If you would like to attend a show we produce and can not afford it, please contact us (using the "contact-us" page, or an Email to and ask about our "Israeli-Jewish Culture for All" .


If being a sponsor is of interest  to you, please visit our Sponsors page for more details on sponsorship.

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Feel free to comment, suggest ideas for shows and Israeli artists you want to see, or just say Shalom :-)

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